Every person has their own story, and I have always been captivated by what makes someone who they are. As a journalist, I saw how facial expressions, mannerisms, and those little personal nuances would shed light on the subject’s character. As a portrait photographer, I try to capture that moment when the real personality is revealed. I also believe that a photo shoot should be enjoyable. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. Creating an environment that is easy and relaxed is an essential start to the shoot. Trust is important; so is patience. My approach is collaborative. I work in partnership with the client, developing a photographic concept in keeping with the objectives, and seeing it through from the ideas and planning stage to the finished product.

I bring an open mind and fresh ideas to every project. Spontaneity is also embraced. Sometimes, the photo shoot just takes us where it will.

As a portrait photographer, I am often called on to photograph children, either in the studio or home environment. They quite easily forget the camera, and in a moment can move from quiet contemplation to running around with abandon. I go with it. Capturing these natural, expressive moments is the key to creating images that make a lasting impression. With exacting attention to detail in the post-production stage, I produce high-quality photographs and products that will be treasured forever.